Since the release of MP3s, radio station subscribers decreased which forced stations to shut down their operations. This trend continued until 2016. Somehow the numbers are getting better. We need to keep it that way. But what are the reasons why we need to support our local radio station when we have countless options to choose from?

It is an Industry That Provides a Lot of Jobs

Imagine if all radio stations will shut down. How many people will lose their job? Little did you know that this industry creates jobs for people into journalism, engineering, and broadcasting. It also drives the economy through advertising. You may probably just hear the Dj or radio host talking but behind the scenes, there are technicians, writers, and more. These people are giving their best to bring audio entertainment in its purest form.

Radio is the Best Theatre of the Mind

There are several ways of learning. Some people learn through visual, some learn by experience or what we call kinetic learning, and also some learn by listening. Radio serves as the go-to place of people who likes to learn by listening. It helps the brain to boost its imagination and creativity. Radio is still the best theatre of the mind. No wonder why online companies capitalize on the podcast, Spotify, and other online platforms that mimic the nature of radio broadcasting. It goes to show that there is a market for it. People love to listen as much as they like to watch Netflix.


It Doesn’t Go Out of Style

Radio broadcasting can be considered as oldies, old-fashioned, and thing of the past. But it is a classic form of entertainment and classics don’t go out of style. We should not forget our old ways. Besides, radio broadcasting is also changing. It tries to sail the tides of change by adopting certain technologies to improve their services. In this WiFi driven world, radio broadcasting is an escape for people who would like to enjoy without the overwhelming images you find online. It’s a unique form of entertainment, at least in this modern age. But ask your grandparents, it was one of the glamorous forms of entertainment back in those days. Let’s not forget that.