Let’s have some fun and discuss the radio topics that make everybody dial in. What makes radio stand out in terms of engagement is the freedom to convey what we truly feel about certain topics. We can see how unique we are in thoughts and beliefs. Despite our difference in how we approach life challenges, we all can relate and feel each other’s emotions. Our capability to relate to one another is what makes us humans.

Relationships and Love Issues


We have interviewed radio hosts and asked what topics they find engaging. They are unanimous in their answers. They said that people relate when the topic is about love. We don’t want to be alone and would want to have a successful intimate relationship. This explains why people respond quickly because this topic is so relatable. Radio hosts all laughed when everyone admitted that they have a tendency to overtime when this topic is up for broadcast.

Gadgets Mishaps and Embarrassing Moments

radioSubscribers tend to enjoy listening to real life experiences especially the funny ones. We have people writing a tech blog and share their experiences when doing a review. They admitted that technology is both remarkably weird and awesome. Some subscribers gave everyone a good laugh when they shared their most embarrassing moments. We think that this topic is quite a good way to release ourselves from being too serious. Everyone makes mistakes. We learn from them, and we also learn to laugh at them.

Money, Money, Money

People like to talk about money. Radio hosts said that this topic is one of the most challenging topics to handle. But it’s also one of the most liberating topics to discuss. Segments about money teach people the value of money. These discussions help us realize that life doesn’t revolve around money. If we become careful about what we spend, we’ll have freedom and not become slaves of money. Money topics could go as far as mortgage, credit card bills, and budgeting. Some radio shows would hire a financial consultant just to give valuable advice to listeners.