Current Events

Boschtion delivers the freshest news every day without the biases. When we deliver the news, we always keep in mind the judgement of our listeners. So, we deliver them in a way that people still have a space to think on their own. When we build a website to test people’s response to the news, the numbers are appalling. It’s a sad truth that people are very selective when it comes to the information they read or hear. Partly because that’s how it works in almost every news platforms. But with Boschtion, you’ll hear the truth. We have partnered with the young minds and journalists to ensure the freshness of our current events. Nowadays, people are so busy trying to be the first, but what they have missed, is the relevance of being always the first. For us, it’s not about being the first, it’s about delivering the news with clarity and honesty. It’s about what we could do as a society as a response towards the issue.

Daily Talks Shows

Our segments are very engaging. In fact, we encourage all our listeners to participate in our daily talk shows. You can rest assured that we are going to cover timely topics that are relevant in our lives. We don’t do talk shows just to add a segment to our daily routine. We cover topics that are significant in our lives. Don’t miss our daily talk shows because we are sure that you can get wisdom and good insights from them.

Other Segments

As promised, we’ll provide segments that are suitable for age groups. We’ll play old music, as well as new music. Every segment will have a personal touch to it, something you’re MP3 player won’t give you. We still got it. Boschtion will be a source of entertainment wherever you are.