Enjoy Boschtion’s daily programs and segments. We promise to keep the quality of each program. We won’t disappoint you. Below is the updated list of our daily programs.

Top 40 Classic Pieces

We will cover top 40 classic pieces of all time. Listeners can vote through our website.

Daily Top 10 Billboard Hits

Designed for the younger audience, we’ll cover the top 10 Billboard hits.

Request a Song – Tell Me The Story

Listeners can request a song and tell us a brief story behind the song. This segment will give a whole new meaning to the songs you crave to hear.

Life Lessons with Mike

Hosted by our amazing Dj Mike who will read letters from our subscribers. This segment will be full of life lessons from true to life stories shared by our audience.

Daily News

We deliver the freshest news that we need to hear and contemplate daily. Please note that we verify the sources to ensure that you’ll only hear the truth and nothing but the truth.

The Honest Talk Show

Happens every Thursday at 6 PM. We’ll cover the issues that are surrounding our society and give our opinions as a community. This segment is suitable for age group 18 years old onwards.

Adulting 101

Don’t life knock you down. Adulting is hard but it becomes lighter when we get pieces of wisdom from certified life coaches.

Kimmie Got a Lot to Say

Let’s enjoy the gift of freedom of speech. Kimmie will surely entertain you as she delivers issues in social media.

Chill Sunday

If you got no plans on a Sunday afternoon, listen to songs with us. Let’s enjoy a chill Sunday. Besides, Sunday is a day of rest. Spend it wisely.

Groovy Friday

Thank God it’s Friday. Let’s dance to the groove and feel that urge to move. Spend a groovy Friday with us.