To all students out there who want to be a radio broadcaster someday, this article is for you. Going for a career doesn’t revolve in salary. There’s more to it than meets the eye. You’ll know the roles of a radio broadcaster. You’ll have an idea about your roles and your responsibilities which make the whole journey meaningful.



If you are expecting to get rich being a radio broadcaster, think again. You’ll have to gain more experience and exposure to reach that level. The average salary of broadcaster ranges from 18,000 pounds to 43,000 pounds. For starters, you need to buy premium traffic for website and make sure that your name will be recognized in the industry. Expect that your salary will be slightly lower compared to other careers related to journalism. But what makes this career worth diving into is the chance to get a shot. When you got the shot, there will be unlimited options that will be presented to you.

Educational Requirement

Most broadcasting agencies prefer interns who are taking courses related to journalism and broadcasting; however, even a high school graduate can get a chance to be a radio broadcaster. College is preferred but not a major requirement. If you have taken a course which is not related to broadcasting in any way, don’t lose hope. Get as much experience you can get. For example, volunteer to your schools broadcasting club. Remember that your career is not limited by your education. It’s totally based on your eagerness to get there.


Skills Needed

To be a radio broadcaster, you need to learn the basic controls of your equipment. You can do this by doing a self-study or volunteering for entry-level work. Observe as much as you can and try to absorb them. The primary skills needed can be learned through practice. A radio broadcaster needs to have a well-modulated voice. The words should come out clearly with a personal touch of enthusiasm. Good voice attracts subscribers to buy website traffic. A pleasing personality with a sense of humour is what makes them stay.