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As the people behind the Boschtion, we believe that radio is more relevant than ever. Today, we need sources of news and talks that bring out relevant topics our people need to contemplate every day. Boschtion is not your ordinary radio station. It got a soul that has been setting us apart from our radio counterparts. What kept us alive since our foundation in 1993 is still with us. We still got it. We’ve covered important current events, and provided people with honest broadcasting free from self-interest biases. Our soul comes from the unrelenting passion to share the truth. Not only share the truth but also give entertainment through radio broadcasting.


As Long We’ve Got Listeners, We are Here to Stay

Despite the fast-paced improvement of technology that challenges the old ways of entertainment such as radio broadcasting, we are here to stay. As long we’ve got avid listeners, we are ready to broadcast daily. We’ve been receiving encouraging letters from our fans and solid supporters that truly inspiring. We believe that the changes in our society and how we handle technology is a stepping stone to improve our broadcasting. We thank our website visitors as well as our listeners for continuously supporting Boschtion. You can look forward that Boschtion will continue to sail the tides of change. We’re not going anywhere.

Reminisce Old Music Pieces

Boschtion never forgets the songs that captivated our childhood. We’ll never forget Johny Cash, Frank Sinatra, Stevie Wonder, and more. There are great singers with meaningful songs that our generation deserves to hear. Though we have programs designed for our young generation, we will still play those old songs you crave to hear. Send us your request via email or via snail mail. We’re pleased to inform you that there are still many people who did not forget those old songs. In fact, these songs are generating cheap website traffic until today. Let’s reminisce old music pieces as if we’re back in time. Old fashioned ways are not that bad after all. They have a rhyme that brings us back those wonderful memories. Let’s listen together and remember those old lyrics.


True To Life Stories

Audience engagement is stronger when we talk about true to life stories shared by our avid listeners. We have a segment especially allocated for this purpose. Everyone may share their life stories and experiences. Everyone can also raise their questions so other listeners may partake on the conversation. Boschtion can be your friend in so many ways. If you have problems you need advice on, send us your letter through our contact page. We’ll assign the best Dj or radio host for that topic. You may also keep your identity anonymous to protect your privacy. When we share our story, everyone benefits. Let Boschtion community give you advise. We like Douglas Coupland put it, “I like doing radio because it’s so intimate. The moment people hear your voice, you’re inside their heads, not only that, you’re in there laying eggs.” Boschtion loves to lay good eggs in your mind. After all, radio is the theatre of the mind.

The Best Experience Ever

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